by Catherine Gibb

In a time where people are attempting become more environmentally aware and make more ethical actions, we start asking our self when impact I am having on the earth?

We consider what we eat, what we wear and what we buy. The increased awareness of plastics in the oceans is  a positive step in the right direction, for the earth and animals and each other, but what about the environmental damage caused my pollution and chemical run off?

Every drop counts, every substance added to the earth fragile and critical waterways and oceans impacts and effects everything. So when considering art take a second to consider the toxic metals and chemicals used in many paints and materials,. Where do these chemicals go? Well sadly into the water you drink, into the sea and whales and marine life, we love and into the soil you feed yourself and families from.

These important factors have made CatherineGibbCreations work hard to give and create a environmentally aware and responsible option using plant based dyes and caring for the earths delicate ecosystems..