Australia Delicate and Delightful

by Catherine Gibb

Through my work I enjoying exploring the biodiversity in the natural world in all its fragility and brilliance. The newest body of artwork takes me closer to my home of Australia with the development of Artwork and gift card range that will look at the beauty and diversity in the Australian landscape.

While the creatures are well known they appear forgotten in the urban landscapes which swallow the natural ecosystem and push everything to the edge. For those who have the luxury of being surrounded by this fascinating and rich ecosystem i hope it acts as reminder to tread lightly on the red earth and remember we are visitors on holy land. and for those around the world I hope to enrich understanding and passion for the diversity which make up this planet.

Local landscape and Light Footprints

by Catherine Gibb

As a environmental artist I feel it is important to of course consider the  surroundings how your landscape impacts on you and you in turn on it.

Being a Australian artist it then seems fitting the create a series of artwork that address the creatures and plants that are reflected in my local landscape. To highlight the natural biodiversity within my closest ecosystems the brilliance of the gum flower or the boldness of the bright yellow bottle brush.

Looking forward to developing these ideas into a pictorial exploration of Australian  plants and creatures with the same enviromental care and considerations that form each creations. 


by Catherine Gibb

With the the development of a new Artwork range that looks at land based ecology such as soil pollution and the health of land based ecosystems and fragility of these creature and environments from the smallest beetle to the largest elephant.

I am excited to announce the new range of Gift cards are also now avilable that explore the edible flowers a almost forgotten food source delicate and detailed and the human impact on the delicate nature of plants and soil. 

To compliment this a  series of hand painted Artwork will be created with the boldness and brilliance that nature display to the best of my artistic ability to create beauty movement and balance.

Ocean Highlights

by Catherine Gibb

A small selection of artworks will be on display this collection of works which explores the bright colours and beautiful movement of the ocean creations and ecosystems. With a focus on colour and flowing lines to captivate the viewer and engage the imagination and enlighten the audience to the magnificent which is the natural world. 

 All works are for purchase aa well as a selection of gift cards.

Opening Night

20th of April 6.00pm

322 Brunswick Street Fitzory Vic 3065


Brunswick Street Gallery from the 20th April to the 6 may