Ocean Highlights

by Catherine Gibb

A small selection of artworks will be on display this collection of works which explores the bright colours and beautiful movement of the ocean creations and ecosystems. With a focus on colour and flowing lines to captivate the viewer and engage the imagination and enlighten the audience to the magnificent which is the natural world. 

 All works are for purchase aa well as a selection of gift cards.

Opening Night

20th of April 6.00pm

322 Brunswick Street Fitzory Vic 3065


Brunswick Street Gallery from the 20th April to the 6 may

Trees Turtles,Touching soil & Tasting water

by Catherine Gibb

The love of nature and the environment is also a lot like a child's dot to dot activity all these individual ethics and choices that seem all incredibly separate only to find they are all highly interconnected. Trees Turtles touching soil and Tasting water all require patience and understanding our environment and respect for the earth and oceans. To save the turtle we need clean waterways and oceans to grow our food we require organic healthy soil. The  bigger picture  is one of respect and ethical choices guiding actions to create a community the treads lightly in there daily movements. 

Painting & Permaculture and water Pollution

by Catherine Gibb

A new series is being created my CatherineGibbCreations that will look at the importance of clean water and keeping waterways and oceans pollution free from a different perspective that of permaculture.

The toxic chemicals used in traditional painting methods as well as non organic gardening methods share the connection that directly or indirectly both end up in our drink water ecosystems, soils and food.

The beauty of organic and pollution free permaculture and painting will be explored through this new series of  painting exploring the amazing collection of flowers produced by edible landscapes, display the beauty, complexity and biodiversity.

Captured in stunning plant based dyes  that keep the water ways oceans and soils healthy

20% of  sales of this series will be going towards permaculture and soil conservation organisations.

Waste Not..The pleasure in Upcycling

by Catherine Gibb

In a time where human waste and negative environmental impact is so massive and the continuous idea of single use products is so great it is  we believe important for people and business to learn to waste not, be responsible and ethical.

Upcycling allows CatherineGibbCreations to create unique  flavours and style to each artwork a personal history and design which enriches the vivid and beautiful imagery of the artwork within while minimizing waste.

Revitalizing products and giving thanks and due respect for the materials and resources used to produce the beautiful frames we hand pick for each piece.