Catherine Anne Gibb is a Melbourne based artist who has had a love of art and writing for as long she can remember.

Considerable thought of the environmental impact of the art itself goes into Catherine's creating process. Environmentally aware practices are utilised wherever possible, from using recycled papers, upcycled frames, plant based vegan dyes

"My goal is to become ecologically neutral, with zero impact on the environment, using 100% recycled, biodegradable and ethically sourced materials and to continue to research and develop new techniques to create a more ecologically aware art. I hope to remind the audience that the art process itself has an environmental impact and to hopefully inspire them to consider their own day-to-day influence and impact on the world, environmental and human."

After completing a Bachelor Degree in Visual Art Catherine has looked into many fields of study but always returns to her love of art. Inspired by a wide selection of art practices and media her subjects and materials are ever changing to create new and exciting work designed to both challenge and engage audiences throughout Australia and internationally.